Getting started Use cases

The API can be used for different purposes, for example for making calculations with Probo products to (semi) automating your e-commerce platform. The solutions are endless, it is all to your own creativity.


Do you have a standard or custom-made ERP to make your calculations/quotes? You can use the API to make Probo Product calculations from within the ERP, without switching between screens.

Has the quotation been accepted? Then you can place the order directly or make it available as a (saved) cart and continue ordering on the platform.

Do you have a "standard" ERP package? Maybe there is already a solution available.


You can connect your e-commerce platform to the Probo API in order to automatically forward your orders to Probo. This saves handling and reduces the risk of errors. Probo dropships your order to your customer... completely white label. Through the webhooks, you are continuously informed of the status of your order.