Getting started Sandboxing

Probo has no sandbox or test environment for you to test the API on. Most API calls don't impact the order flow. However, it is possible to send test orders. These orders are canceled in our system when we receive them. This gives you the possibility to test an order flow.

Testing orders

You can test orders by adding the order_type property with the value test. If you do not set the order_type property, the order_type is by default production. The order_type applies only to the /order endpoint.

It is best practice to not hard code the order_type property but let it come from a config or env file.


Please be advised: every order pushed with the `order_type: production` will be produced and charged unless you cancel it before it is in production. You can cancel an order via our API or the platform.

Pushing test order

  "order_type" : "test",
  "deliveries": [
  "products": [