Getting started Rate Limits

The API normally has a Rate Limit of 300 calls per minute. Your response will be blocked if you send over 300 requests per minute. You will get a reply with a 429 Too Many Requests error. You should check this header if you want to handle this state. You could also check the response if it contains an error.

Example : 429 Too Many Requests payload

  "error": "Quota has been exceeded"


Track limit

You can track the remaining limits and the reset via the following headers:

Header example
x-ratelimit-remaining Number of calls remaining 297
x-ratelimit-limits Allowed calls per minute in the rate limit plan 300
x-ratelimit-reset Reset in milliseconds 52547

Good to Know

  • API Limits are applied per API token.
  • All endpoints are bound to the limit.

If you believe you might exceed the new rate limits, you can apply for a higher limit. To apply please submit your case for review to